Official Quoits Rules

Updated April 24, 2014

*Rules may be updated at any time




Teams will consist of at least two (2) fully paid players.  There is no maximum to the number of players on a team; however, only two (2) players will play in a single game.  There are no restrictions to gender on a team.

Substitute Players

Substitute players may be used in any given week if a teammate is missing.  All subs must play at least once during the regular season to be eligible to play in the playoffs.

Game Set-up

The quoit boards will be set up to be 18ft apart before games begin.  This distance may be adjusted for playing indoors.  Teammates will stand at opposite boards to throw towards each other.  Players will stand diagonally across from each other.


During the regular season, teams will play all three (3) games regardless of the outcome of the first two.  In the playoffs, matches will be played the best 2-out-of-3 games.  All games in a match are to 21 points.

Game Play


Teams may either flip a quoit or play Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine which team will begin the game. 


Players will alternate pitching quoits after the first player throws.  After the first set of throws to begin a game, the team that scores in the previous set of throws will begin pitching in the next set.  Players may not step in front of the end of the board to throw.  In this instance, a foul will be called and the quoit will not count.


Only one team in a set of throws may score.  The quoit nearest the hob will count as one (1) point.  A leaner will count as two (2) points, and a ringer will count as three (3) points.  A scoring quoit must be within the width of the diameter of the quoit from edge to hob to count as a point.  Any quoit that hits the ground first will be “dead” and removed from the board.  Also, any quoit landing on the board upside down will be “dead” and removed from the board.


If a team has two (2) ringers together, it will count as six (6) points.  If a team gets a ringer, and then is topped by the other team, the team with the last ringer will get three (3) points.

Winning the Game

The first team to 21 points or more will win the game.