Sand Volleyball Rules – 4v4

Last Updated: August 12, 2013

*Rules subject to change at any time


    All teams must have at least 4 players on the roster. All players must be at least 21 years old at the start of the league. Each player is required to sign a waiver prior to participation in the current season. At least two players on the roster must be female. A team must have at least two people and at least one female player each week to be eligible to play.  Teams may use a substitute player in a given week.  All subs must play at least once during the season to be eligible for playoffs.  Subs may not play for more than 1 team.  Subs must sign the waiver before playing.

Game Length

Matches will consist of a best 2 out of 3 game series. The first two games will be played to 21 rally scored. The third game will be played to 15 rally scored. Games must be won by two points. This is capped at 25 and 17 respectively.

Teams will have a 5 minute grace period from the scheduled start of their match to begin play. Teams must start play after the 5 minutes or forfeit.

Start of Game

Rock, paper scissors will be used to determine the starting serve and side. The winner gets to choose to either have the first serve, or choose side to play on. Side/serve rotates each game thereafter.

Game Play

Player Positions

At the time of service all players must be inside the boundaries of the court. Players do not have to play in set positions or rotate. Players must maintain the same service order throughout the match.(If a player is substituted for, he/she must return to the same spot in the service order.)


A legal serve will take place from behind the team’s end line anywhere inside the sidelines. Serving player must remain behind the end line until the ball has been served. If player serves in the air, he/she can land on or inside the line. A legal serve can touch the net on the way over. Serves may not be blocked.

Play at Net

Player contact with the net is permitted provided it does not interfere with the opponent’s play. In blocking, a player may touch the ball beyond the net provided that he/she does not interfere with opponent’s play. A player may cross under the net provided it does interfere with opponent’s play.


A team gets 3 hits to get the ball over. There is no gender requirement for who has to hit the ball. The block does not count as a team contact, any player can make the first contact after the block. Players may not kick the ball.


Points are scored rally-style. Each player is responsible for stating score prior to each serve. Lehigh Valley Sport and Social staff on site will help to keep score and settle any disputes.


Lehigh Valley Sport and Social will supply a representative/scorekeeper for the games.  They will also help to monitor play and call fouls.  Teams are expected to be honest and to call infractions on themselves during games.  The LVSSC representative will settle any disputes on a call.  If need be, the representative has the option to have the teams replay the point.

Alcohol/Miscellaneous –

Lehigh Valley Sport and Social supports and follows all rules at venues where games are played. There are NO GLASS CONTAINERS allowed at any venue which allows for the consumption of alcohol. Teams are expected to cleanup after themselves each week and throw out any garbage.

Venues Locations –

Lehigh Valley Sport and Social will make every attempt to maintain dates,times,and locations of all games in a given league. There may be events outside of Lehigh Valley Sport and Social’s control that will affect the league scheduling and result in a change in date, time, location, and number of games played in a given week.

Sportsmanship - *Sportsmanship to be determined at the discretion of the league official or Lehigh Valley Sport and Social Representative on site.

  1. All players on all teams MUST adhere to good sportsmanship.
  2. There will be escalating penalties for any player/team not using good sportsmanship.
    • First offense - asked to sit out for a few plays
    • Second (2) time being removed from a game, player will be finished for the game.
    • Any player ejected from the game/match, will be ineligible to play the following week.(In days where more than (1) game is played by a team,player will have to sit for game immediately following ejection).
    • Any player ejected twice (2) in a single season will be removed from the league and no longer eligible to play for the rest of the season.
    • Any player ejected in multiple leagues may be ruled no longer welcome in Lehigh Valley Sport and Social.
  3. Lehigh Valley Sport and Social will keep a running log of any incident that occurs.

Forfeits -

1. Any team, who forfeits their game/match for the week, must contact Lehigh Valley Sport and Social by 2PM the day of the games to avoid a fine.
2. Once a forfeit has been announced, Lehigh Valley Sport and Social will contact the captain of the other team by 3PM the day of the game to have them inform their team.
3. Any team forfeiting their game after the 2pm deadline will be charged the referee fees for both teams from the forfeited game, to be paid the following week.